Planning’s a treat

Tumey family fulfills dreams down to the finest details with Lollypop Event Planning & Rentals

By Sherri Coner

Balloons are colorful little clouds on a string, floating around in a party atmosphere.

When fun-loving, party planning queen Holly Stalets recently merged those two thoughts, a happy idea resulted.

And who doesn’t love a happy idea?

With possibilities bouncing around in her brain, Stalets sat down with her brother Troy Tumey of Franklin and one of her nieces, Jenna Martin, also of Franklin.

By the time the meeting ended, a business was born, using  Stalets’ family nickname,  Lollypop.

This detail oriented, hard working team of family members can’t stress enough that Lollypop Event Planning & Rentals has absolutely no limits. They are also willing to travel.

“You can give us a budget to do it all or if you want us to only do the decorating, for example, we can do that, too,” Stalets said.

When a customer requests that the Lollypop team do an event from top to bottom, the threesome first secures an appropriate venue.

To celebrate Connor, the family movie buff, Ashley Dillard and Nathan Brown of Franklin hired Lollypop to throw a movie themed party for Connor’s 11th birthday. (Submitted photos)

Armed with a great imagination and a tape measure, Tumey steps into the foundation for everything else … by making a plan for appropriate seating.

He carefully measures a space and envisions how to most comfortably arrange tables and chairs. By the time Tumey delivers everything to the venue for the seating plan, he knows whether chair covers are also requested.

Meanwhile, Stalets and Martin have discussed with the party host whether they are most interested in a particular caterer or if other fun choices, such as food trucks, fit their vision. They have talked about entertainment options, such as DJ choices and live bands, if they have a theme in mind or specific colors for decorating.

Some clients love party extras, such as chocolate fountains and cotton candy machines. Some of them request that Stalets and Martin create a candy bar or a buffet of toppings for ice cream sundaes.

There’s not a single theme these party lovers won’t tackle, either.

Their Franklin warehouse is filled with event necessities, from elegant vintage velvet sofas where brides pose or anniversary couples are seated for portrait photographs.

Centerpieces, table linens and chair covers are available for any type of gathering.

Life-size Barbie and Ken doll boxes are popular for teenage birthdays.

Lollypop party designers, Holly Stalets and her niece Jenna Martin, recently created this banner for LeRose Dance Academy 2023 Dance Recital.

Cinco de Mayo parties, luaus or eclipse parties, sock hops, NASCAR and Indy 500 races, themed weddings, whatever you dream up, Lollypop has you covered.

A tape measure and superb planning in tight spaces isn’t Tumey’s only talent.

He also happens to be an officiant.

Yes, Tumey is also happy to perform blissful unions of loving hearts.

Martin definitely leans into any creative opportunity, whether it involves decorating or purchasing bridal party gifts, setting lovely tables and anything in between.

But Stalets? She’s all about every angle.

“I like the process from beginning to end,” Stalets said of executing a party plan. “I handle stress very well and I actually like the little hiccups at events. I like the challenge. I make sure I’m on top of everything for my clients.”

If clients prefer to do their own post party clean-up Tumey schedules times to return to the venue to load tables and chairs and head back to the warehouse.

The Lollypop team stores all kinds of goodies in their
Franklin warehouse, such as vintage velvet for bridal portraits.

Because they understand that all gatherings are not necessarily about party atmospheres, these planners think miles away from that proverbial box stuffed with preconceived ideas.

One example of Lollypop flexibility occurred in May.

“We planned an entire Celebration of Life on Derby Day, at the request of the family,” Stalets said.

They have also decorated for very formal weddings and receptions.

Versatility and creativity has made this family venture a huge success.

“It’s nice to watch everyone enjoy what we’ve done,” Tumey said of the moments when guests are comfortably seated in the space he has carefully designed.

While her brother focuses on the overall party atmosphere, Stalets’ attention is on the host.

“When we see a smile on their faces, we know we’ve done another good job,” she said.

Find them on Facebook! Schedule an appointment to see a warehouse filled with props and seating choices Lollypop Event Planning & Rental (317) 560-3768.