Center Grove’s Mr. Football

Varsity running back Carson Steele gives credit to friends, family and coaches to receive prestigious award

By Nancy Price

Carson Steele has had a very good year. In addition to helping the Trojans win the 6A state championship and a No. 12 ranking in the High School Football America 100 national rankings, he was also recently named winner of the 2020 state’s Mr. Football award.

“It was a total blessing to be named Center Grove’s first Mr. Football, and I can thank my family and coaches and friends for always helping me through the ups and downs to be able to receive this award,” he said. “It was just an amazing feeling to come back from a bad junior season and win the whole thing.”

Steele, a senior, played running back and is Center Grove’s all-time leading rusher with 5,907 yards. He finished his senior season with 1,659 yards and 31 touchdowns. He scored an astonishing 82 touchdowns at CGHS.

He decided to give the sport a shot after his dad asked if he’d like to play. “Growing up in Center Grove, you always heard the talk of football,” he said.

Steele credits his parents for his success and Coach Eric Moore for the team’s success. He looks forward to playing football after he graduates this year.

What do you love best about playing football? I love being able to have a bond with people I’ve grown up with and have fun doing it.

What is the most challenging part about playing? The hardest part is always trying to be 100 percent, whether that’s in practice or doing anything.

What are your future plans? To go play college football.

What do you like best about Center Grove? I love the Center Grove community because it has a very small-town feel. Everyone knows each other and is very supportive each other.

What is the best life lesson you’ve learned? The best lesson is to not get down when you are losing or behind but to have confidence and fight back.

Who was your mentor growing up? Titus McCoy was a big mentor for me growing up throughout football.

What’s your favorite Southside eatery? House of Tokyo and Texas Roadhouse.

What is your favorite vacation spot? My favorite vacation spot is Ft. Meyers beach in Florida. My dad and I do a lot of fishing while we’re there.

What do you do with idle time?  Snowboarding and fishing.

Which living person in Center Grove do you most admire? The person I admire most at CG is Coach Moore. He’s not only a great coach …. he’s a great person. He’s invested in us since we were in kindergarten. Every Saturday you’ll find Coach Moore out at the bantam fields cheering on the kids. He’s just a great leader.